2022 Mentor Cycle Northeastern Illinois, Lake County
  • Apply by August 31, 2022


The CIC Business Incubator provides our diverse community of entrepreneurs and businesses with the confidence, expertise, mentorship, capital, space, and many other resources needed to succeed and grow. The CIC Business Incubator is made possible through the volunteering of time and through our community support. Our services are free of charge to our clients. We are now accepting application from Mentors. We are always looking for talented people who bring specific business or life skills to enhance the client experience. This includes business leaders and owners, CEOs of companies and local organizations who are subject matter experts.


Volunteering to help someone follow their dream is one of the most rewarding things you can do!


Please fill out this application and upload any supplementary material. Once your application is submitted, it will go to our Incubator Working Group (IWC) committee for review. Once accepted, a member of the committee will contact you to schedule an interview with the committee. These are the two phases of our application and evaluation process. Remember, we're here to help all startups, the evaluation process is designed to understand expectations and set you up for success!

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